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1 Thessalonians 5:17

“I always feel that there is something wrong if I go without prayer for even half an hour in the day. I cannot understand how a Christian man can go from morning to prayerevening without prayer. I cannot comprehend how he lives, and how he fights the battle of life without asking the guardian care of God while the arrows of temptation are flying so thickly around him.”

– Charles H. Spurgeon, from Spurgeon’s Sermons on Great Prayers of the Bible, p. 116


Filling the Holes


“There was a little boy whose father, to teach him a lesson, told him that every time he did a certain thing that was wrong, a nail should be driven into a post, but that, on every occasion when he did anything that was right and kind, one of those nails should be pulled out. Master Benjamin became exceedingly careful when the post had got well studded with nails and, after a while, they were drawn out, one after another, and soon his father had the pleasure of extracting the last one. He expected to see the lad begin jumping for joy, but, instead of that, the boy stood weeping and his father said to him, “Well, Benny, my boy, you see that all the nails are pulled out now.” “Yes, father,” he sadly answered, “but the holes are left.”

“So now, suppose that next year we should, by the effectual working of the Spirit of God, be so sanctified in our walk
and conversation that our besetting sins should be destroyed and that we should be delivered from these sins that we have
been confessing, yet, still, the holes of the past evils would be left—and it is only our Lord Jesus Christ who can fill those

– Charles H. Spurgeon, from the sermon A New Leaf for the New Year

Luke 14:22

“Besides, sinner, you are getting old now. Those grey hairs tell a tale of years that have passed. Your youth fled long ago, and your early manhood is now over – God knoweth how you have spent it; but you are here to-night, like an old, barren tree, almost ready for the everlasting burning unless sovereign grace shall save you even now; but I am here to tell you that ‘yet there is room'”.

– Charles H. Spurgeon, from Twelve Sermons on Repentance, p. 73.

The Choice

“If I had my choice of all the lives that I could live, I certainly would not choose to be an emperor, nor to be a millionaire, nor to be a philosopher, for power, wealth and knowledge bring with them sorrow and travail. But I would choose to have nothing to do but to love my Lord Jesus—nothing, I mean, but to do all things for His sake and out of love to Him. Then I know that I should be in Paradise, yes, in the midst of the Paradise of God, and I should have meat to eat which is all unknown to men of the world!”

– Charles H. Spurgeon, from Twelve Sermons on Repentance

A Very Fine Sermon

“You remember the story I told you of the Welshman who heard a young man preach a very fine sermon—a grand sermon, a highfaluting, spread-eagle sermon; and when he had done, he asked the Welshman what he thought of it. The man replied that he did not think anything of it.

‘And why not?’

‘Because there was no Jesus Christ in it.’

‘Well,’ said he, ‘but my text did not seem to run that way.’

‘Never mind,’ said the Welshman, ‘your sermon ought to run that way.’

‘I do not see that, however,’ said the young man.

‘No,’ said the other, ‘you do not see how to preach yet. This is the way to preach. From every little village in England—it does not matter where it is—there is sure to be a road to London. Though there may not be a road to certain other places, there is certain to be a road to London. Now, from every text in the Bible there is a road to Jesus Christ, and the way to preach is just to say, ‘How can I get from this text to Jesus Christ?’ and then go preaching all the way along it.’

‘Well, but,’ said the young man, ‘suppose I find a text that has not got a road to Jesus Christ.’

‘I have preached for forty years,’ said the old man, ‘and I have never found such a Scripture, but if I ever do find one I will go over hedge and ditch but what I will get to him, for I will never finish without bringing in my Master.’

– Charles H. Spurgeon, from the sermon How to Read the Bible

The Heart of It

“Besides, beloved, we know from Holy Scripture that this doctrine of the death of Christ is the very core of Christianity. Leave out the Cross and you have killed the religion of Jesus. Atonement by the blood of Jesus is not an arm of Christian truth – it is the heart of it! Even as the Lord said of the animal, ‘The blood is the life thereof’, so is it true of the Gospel – the sacrificial death of Jesus is the vital point of our profession. I know nothing of Christianity without the blood of Christ. No teaching is healthy which throws the Cross into the background.”

– Charles H. Spurgeon, from the sermon The Blood Shed for Many, July 3, 1887.

Psalm 100:3

“‘Man, know thyself,’ is a wise aphorism, yet to know our God is truer wisdom; and it is very questionable whether a man can know himself until he knows his God. Jehovah is God in the fullest, most absolute, and most exclusive sense, he is God alone; to know him in that character and prove our knowledge by obedience, trust, submission, zeal, and love is an attainment which only grace can bestow.”

– Charles H. Spurgeon, from The Treasury of David, p. 415.