Bible Reading in 2014


Well it’s New Year’s resolution time again. January is also the time when you see many articles and encouragements for read the Bible in a year plans. I’ve found these plans to be great helps to reading the entire Bible through in a year’s time and an excellent aid to keep that goal on track, and have read through the Bible several times with these. You can find many great plans listed here.

One thing that I’ve struggled with in these plans is the tendency to check off my reading for the day and never return to it for reflection or additional study. Sometimes I’d go through an entire book without pausing to consider how it fits into the Bible’s overall picture. So this year, Lord willing, I’m going to try something a little different. For whatever reason, I’ve focused more on the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and John in my previous studies than on Luke, and even less so on his follow-up writing of the book of Acts. So I’m planning on spending the year in Luke and Acts, reading and rereading the texts, and as much as I can of sermons, commentaries, and other background material on those two books. My guess is I’ll spend about 8 months in Luke and 4 months in Acts, but we’ll see. I’ll of course read other books of the Bible throughout the year, but I wanted to make sure I had enough time to fully focus on Luke’s writings without lapsing into a checklist mentality from a full Bible reading plan. I’ve tried a similar approach with smaller books such as 1 John, 1 Peter, and others, mainly through John MacArthur’s Bible study suggestions, and have found my understanding of these books was greatly helped. My Twitter friend Renee has been going through the Gospel of John for the past year or so, which encouraged me as well.

I’m excited to focus on studying Luke and Acts in this way and look forward to seeing where it leads. The main thing, I think, is spending time in God’s Word each day and learning to live more like Jesus. We’ll see how it goes!

7 thoughts on “Bible Reading in 2014

  1. peterjfoster

    Yes, I agree, it’s about learning to live more like Jesus. Thanks for giving us a view into your world. Great New year. (P.S. I must say, I do tend to flit around the Bible; I’m now considering a New Year plan for myself).

  2. Barbara Jackson

    I’ve also struggled with keeping context with the Bible’s overall picture, which is why this time my Christmas present to myself was BOTH volumes of DA Carson’s “For the Love of God” since he helps to pull things together. I started with them around Christmas and now it’s not just something to “check off’ but I enjoy that daily time of interacting with the Scriptures and look forward to it. Also my children gave me a Psalter so I learn to sing one Psalm per day (at least) and that is just an absolute joy.

  3. Joe Post author

    Thanks for visiting Barbara. I have both volumes of Dr. Don’s devotionals too and have found it to be more commentary and big-picture than a daily thought for the day type. What is the Psalter that you’re referring to?

  4. Barbara Jackson

    Hi Joe, it’s The Book of Psalms for Worship from Crown & Covenant ( I’m going through and learning the tunes, since they have them available for listening on the site, and marking down when it’s a familiar hymn tune. Particularly haunting is Psalter 22b (Psalm 22:1-11 as sung to the tune of “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.”)

    Agreed on the commentary/big picture with Dr. Carson’s volumes, which is exactly what I appreciate and helps to spur me on in my reading. For more of a devotional type thing I always have my dear Mr. Spurgeon. 🙂

    Happy new year! Stay warm!

  5. Barbara Jackson

    Oh I should say, another neat thing about singing the Psalms is that it forces you to take in the whole Psalm and all that it says about God and His people. There is no picking and choosing what applies to me, but really helps to put it all into perspective. Dr. T. David Gordon talked about that in the talks you downloaded from when he visited our church, but actually going through and singing them daily just really brings home all that he said about them.

  6. Joe Post author

    These look great Barbara. Thanks for sharing. I’ve found some music over the years that is Scripture-based but nothing exclusively on the Psalms. I’ll have to save up some shekels for these.

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