Redeeming the Time


My friend Claire over at One Passion One Devotion recently posted about podcasts that she listens to regularly. We are so blessed in our day to have access to free, sound Bible teaching. It’s not something I take for granted. Inspired by Claire, I figured I’d post my own list of those that I listen to regularly and have really helped me to grow as a Christian.

These are in no particular order:

  • Patterson Park Church: Ok, not really podcasts – we should always be fed first and foremost through our local church. I so appreciate our pastors, who preach the Word faithfully, week in and week out. This summer they’re doing a series on the Psalms.
  • Alistair Begg (Truth for Life): I listen to Alistair almost every day. His Scottish accent and sense of humor complement his sound preaching of the Word. I’m currently listening to his series on Luke 15 called Amazing Love.
  • Mark Dever (Capitol Hill Baptist Church): One thing I appreciate about him is that he presents the Gospel in nearly every sermon. He also reads the full text of what he’s preaching, sometimes several times in the sermon. The Word is central in what he does. His series’ on John and Romans are especially good.
  • Albert Mohler (The Briefing): A good one to start the day with, Dr. Mohler is one of the most astute observers of Christianity and culture. His Bible studies are also good listens.
  • Woodrow Kroll (Back to the Bible): Dr. Kroll recently retired from Back to the Bible, but his previous programs are currently still being broadcast. His series on Ephesians really helped me as a new Christian in 2007.
  • Josh Moody (College Church): Dr. Moody was the pastor of a church I attended when I lived in CT and has been at College Church in Wheaton, IL since 2009. British wit and solid preaching.
  • Tullian Tchividjian (Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church): Tullian understands grace and helps us to get it too.
  • Quick Study: Rod Hembree and his family go through the Bible every year, from Genesis to Revelation, with their 6 day a week TV & radio broadcast. One of the first programs I came across as a new Christian and I still watch now on YouTube.
  • Charles Price (Living Truth): I’ve listened to Charles for a long time and always benefit from his teaching.
  • Greg Laurie (Harvest): I appreciate Pastor Greg’s heart for the lost. He has an amazing life story.
  • James Merritt (Touching Lives): I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Merritt when I visited his church in Georgia about three years ago. One of my favorites.

There are many more: Ravi Zacharias, John MacArthur, Paul Tripp, Tim Keller, and Sinclair Ferguson all come to mind

Who else should I be listening to?

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One thought on “Redeeming the Time

  1. fireball3316

    i love Tullian Tchividjian too – and listen to him and tim often on The Gospel Coalition…. some good stuff there – might have to go check them out. and i love that you put your local as first, i did too. so good to be fed in a local church and involved!

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