Filling the Holes


“There was a little boy whose father, to teach him a lesson, told him that every time he did a certain thing that was wrong, a nail should be driven into a post, but that, on every occasion when he did anything that was right and kind, one of those nails should be pulled out. Master Benjamin became exceedingly careful when the post had got well studded with nails and, after a while, they were drawn out, one after another, and soon his father had the pleasure of extracting the last one. He expected to see the lad begin jumping for joy, but, instead of that, the boy stood weeping and his father said to him, “Well, Benny, my boy, you see that all the nails are pulled out now.” “Yes, father,” he sadly answered, “but the holes are left.”

“So now, suppose that next year we should, by the effectual working of the Spirit of God, be so sanctified in our walk
and conversation that our besetting sins should be destroyed and that we should be delivered from these sins that we have
been confessing, yet, still, the holes of the past evils would be left—and it is only our Lord Jesus Christ who can fill those

– Charles H. Spurgeon, from the sermon A New Leaf for the New Year


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