Real Hope

Good grief, it was a long news day today. I found myself getting agitated by these events for a while today and how this country seems to be headed for some very different days over these next few years. My friend Barbara over at Redeemed summed it up quite nicely on Twitter and remarked how grateful she was that her hope “is not in this land or its princes”. And amen to that.

I read Isaiah 60 tonight and thought a bit about where our real hope should be. Alec Motyer has done us all a great service by providing his own translation of Isaiah in his new book. Here is Motyer’s translation of Isaiah 60, verses 19-22. Turn off your Fox News, your MSNBC, and all the other end of the world proclamations in today’s news. And think on this…

“You will not any more have the sun for light by day,
nor for gleaming light will the moon illuminate you –
you will have Yahweh for everlasting light,
and your God will be your beauty.

No more will your sun set,
nor your moon be removed,
for you will have Yahweh for everlasting light,
and the days of your mourning will be completed.

And your people, all of them, will be righteous.
For ever they will possess the earth,
the shoot of my plantation,
the work of my hands,
that I may display my beauty.

The little will become a thousand,
and the small a mighty nation.
In its time, I, Yahweh, will hasten it.”

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