On Prayer

“We must remember that the Bible simultaneously pictures God as utterly sovereign, and as a prayer-hearing and prayer-answering God. Unless we perceive this, and learn how to act on these simultaneous truths, not only will our views of God be distorted, but our praying is likely to wobble back and forth between a resigned fatalism that asks for nothing and a badgering desperation that exhibits little real trust.”

– D.A. Carson, from A Call to Spiritual Reformation: Priorities from Paul and His Prayers, p. 31


One thought on “On Prayer

  1. Ken Wood

    So let us take our request to God and trust, that He knows what is best!
    Besides does He not many times change our prayers before we even finish letting our request known?
    Oh how our God works all things out, He alone can do whatever He desires.
    And when our desires agree with His, we know it will be done…
    Wow! What an amazing God we serve, and to know that He is always good (even when we can’t seem to remember it) gives us much hope.

    Let us repent of our despair, give our desires to Him, and trust the Sovereign Lord of the Universe!

    – Ken

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