The Love of God

“The love of God is active, and we see it in the cross. God so loved that he gave.

“Sir Harry Lauder told a story that brings this out well. He spoke of a man who, during the difficult days of World War I, was taking his small boy for a walk. The lad noticed that there were stars in the windows of some of the houses they passed.

‘Daddy, why are there stars in some of the windows?’ he asked.

“His father replied, ‘That comes from this terrible war, laddie. It shows that these people have given a son.’

“The little fellow went on silently digesting this information. Then he looked up and there was the evening star, shining brightly in the sky. He said, ‘Daddy, God must have given a Son, too.’

“That is it. In the terrible war against evil, God gave his Son. That is the way evil was defeated. God paid the price.”

– Leon Morris, from Expository Reflections on the Gospel of John, p. 100


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