Spiritual Champagne

“The Lord is so good and always gives me a large dose of Spiritual Champagne every morning which braces one up for the day and night. Of late I have had such glorious times. I generally wake about 3.30 a. m. and feel quite wide awake, so have a good read, etc., and then have an hour’s sleep or so before finally getting up. I find what I read then is stamped indelibly on my mind all through the day: and it is the very quietest of times, not a foot astir, nor a sound to be heard, saving that of God.

“If I miss this time I feel like Samson shorn of his hair and so of all his strength. I see more and more how much I have to learn of the Lord. I want to be a workman approved, not just with a ‘pass’ degree, as it were. Oh! how I wish I had devoted my early life, my whole life to God and His Word. How much have I lost by those years of self pleasing and running after this world’s honours and pleasures.”

– C.T. Studd, February 7, 1886 (from C.T. Studd: Athlete & Pioneer by Norman P. Grubb)


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