How Goes The Battle ?

“Victory is the only satisfactory evidence that you have a saving religion. You like good sermons perhaps. You respect the Bible, and read it occasionally. You say your prayers night and morning. You have family prayers, and give to religious societies. I thank God for this. It is all very good.

But how goes the battle?

How does the great conflict go on all this time?

Are you overcoming the love of the world and the fear of man?

Are you overcoming the passions, tempers and lusts of your own heart?

Are you resisting the devil and making him flee from you?

How is it in this matter?

You must either rule or serve sin and the devil and the world. There is no middle course. You must either conquer or be lost.”

– J.C. Ryle, from his book Holiness

5 thoughts on “How Goes The Battle ?

  1. Brad

    Great quote. As usual, Ryle pulls no punches. At the risk of over confidence, I’m winning..more often that not, they usually feel like little victories until I look back and see what the Lord has done.


  2. Marianne Lordi

    Ryle put it short and sweet – are you with Christ or are you his enemy. There is no self-serving middle ground. You are either a servant of the Kingdom of God or of hell.

  3. Mike Buckley

    Great points! For 20+ years I was a “Christian” in bondage to the devil. Now my freedom is in Christ. Praise God! Good blog, keep on spreading the good news.

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