In The Desert

“Do not complain about what you have lost, and do not yearn to have it given back again, for then you are like Israel who wished to turn back to Egypt. God will lead you on further. Instead of the fleshpots, He gives you the Bread from heaven, and instead of water from the Nile, water from the Rock.

“But you must put your trust in Him also in the desert, and through days of darkness and difficulty. This is possible, however, only for those who have lost their self-assurance in the desert whereto God beckons His children.”

– George Steinberger, from the book In The Footprints of The Lamb


2 thoughts on “In The Desert

  1. chrystiecole

    Love this one, Joe! I have loved the passage about the Israelites grumbling and wanting to return to Egypt ever since I first read it…It is a powerful reminder to me of how I can long to return to a known bondage rather than moving forward with God into the unknown.

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