What Is Love ? (II)

“The longer you walk with God, the more you understand how glorious this love is…He has made you, He has fashioned you as a unique individual. You sir, you madam, are important to Him. Not only is it a love that grows, not only is it a love that is unmerited – ladies and gentlemen – it is a love that is desperately needed.

“You see, in the economy of God, we are meant to love people and use things. In the human economy, we have ended up loving things and using people.”

– Ravi Zacharias, from the broadcast The Prophet Marries a Prostitute (Part 2 of 2)

One thought on “What Is Love ? (II)

  1. wingfiea

    I love the quote you cite above from Ravi. It’s actually quote profound and true…I long for the former, but honestly fall in the category of the latter, perhaps more often than I dare to admit or even realize.

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