What Shall We Say ?

“What then shall we say in response to God’s word, ‘Whatever does not proceed from faith is sin’ (Romans 14:23)? I think we shall say nothing. ‘Whatever the law says it speaks . . . so that every mouth may be stopped’ (Romans 3:19). We will say nothing. It is folly to think that our good deeds will outweigh our bad deeds before God. Without Christ-exalting faith, our deeds will signify nothing but rebellion.”

– John Piper, from The Passion of Jesus Christ, p. 32-33


One thought on “What Shall We Say ?

  1. Chrystal

    It’s funny–I was just responding to your comment on my blog and went into this point a little bit. Piper says it so much better than I could…may Christ-exalting faith mark our lives! Bless you!

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