The One Good Shepherd

“Without God, life is an unending series of work, bills, TV, games, politics, more work, family, children, life, work again, retirement, and finally…death.

“With God, we have Someone to live for, with all the energy and faith He has given us. We have meaning – we have something to live for. We also have Someone to die for, and even more importantly, we have Someone who died for us – the one Good Shepherd who took away our sins and our guilt, our judgment, that we might live in joy and freedom, now and forevermore.”

– Dr. Josh Moody, Senior Pastor of College Church, Wheaton, IL, from the sermon “The Surprising End of Wisdom”, March 14, 2010


4 responses to “The One Good Shepherd

  1. What a wonderful reminder, and a blessed encouragement. God is on the throne, and we will trust Him! yes!

  2. It is amazing the difference in your life when you are God’s – because what you experience in every area is true life that is deep, rich and beyond what you could have imagined otherwise.


  3. This one strikes me because of the things I used to write from the heart prior to my conversion, most especially that little trek down that dry, dusty, dirt road in April of ’07, before He brought me to fall at His feet the following February.

  4. …I remember being just that lost, just that caught up in the cyclical seeming nothingness of life, waiting for the elusive milestone in life when things would begin to have more meaning. I just had not expected that what I was searching for was coming for me. What an amazing Creator and Redeemer we have.

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