CrossTalk, Pt. 1

“Understanding both the Story of God and the stories of the people we serve is necessary to help others embrace the transformation the Bible envisions for God’s people”
– Dr. Michael R. Emlet

As the year draws to a close and my Bible reading plan for this year nears its end, I’ve started thinking about how I’m going to journey through God’s Word in 2010. For those thinking along those lines as well, I’d suggest picking up a copy of a new book by Michael R. Emlet called CrossTalk: Where Life and Scripture Meet.

Dr. Emlet has geared the book towards those in professional ministry, but there is a lot here for laypeople like myself. He talks about the dangers of using an “abridged” Bible, the “Ditch vs. Canyon” phenomenon, and gives several case studies. The main focus of Dr. Emlet’s book, as he explains it, is to take a “redemptive-historical” view of the Bible as a whole. “It is an approach that takes the narrative (storied) nature of the Bible seriously in order to make wise connections with the narratives of our lives,” says Dr. Emlet.

I think there’s too much to cover from this book in just one blog post, so I’m going to try to tackle this over several posts. More to come…

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