Pureness of Heart

“Purity must not only be woven into the heart, but engraved upon the life ! Grace is most beautiful when it shines abroad with its golden beams. The clock has not only its motion within, but the hand moves outside upon the dial. Just so, pureness of heart shows itself upon the dial of the life.”

– Thomas Watson (1620-1686)


2 responses to “Pureness of Heart

  1. I agree with that statment above.I have never heart of Thomas Watson,was he part of the Reformation that took place in the 17th Century?

  2. Mike, thank you for visiting my blog. You can read more from Thomas Watson here: http://gracegems.org/Watson/watson.htm. A short bio of Watson can be found here: http://www.ccel.org/ccel/watson/?show=biography.

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