Have You Known Nothing…

“While passing along the street one morning, a young man rushed out of his office and caught me in his arms, ‘O sir, I have found Christ.’

‘When and how?’ were the questions I earnestly put to him.

He then gave me the following account of himself: ‘You know, sir, I have been very anxious for some weeks past. That anxiety became dreadful on Friday night. I was engaged in prayer. While on my knees my burden became intolerable. I felt my sins pressing on my heart as if that warehouse were built on my body. I could not move. I could not rise from my knees. I cried with such agony that my next neighbor rose out of bed and rushed in to know what was wrong. He prayed with me. Before he left I found peace through believing on the Lord Jesus Christ.’

“My dear friend, have you known nothing of an experience like that?”

– William Reid (1814-1896), from Look To Jesus

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