The Soul of the Christian

Alan Redpath

Alan Redpath

“Obey God in all things today ! Drive out the enemy ! Lay the ax to the root of the tree, and the capacity for Jesus Christ will be increased tomorrow. Always the soul of the Christian either grows or shrinks; it never remains the same. Either it increases in capacity for life because it obeys and is determined to lay the ax to the root of sin, or it shrivels until the Christian experience is lost behind a cold steel wall of doctrine and dogma.”

– Alan Redpath, from Victorious Christian Living: Studies in the Book of Joshua, p. 186


2 thoughts on “The Soul of the Christian

  1. edwin joseph

    Simple yet very meaningful.. Its not that easy to obey all the things as we read the bible. But what we should do is to ask God every action we take 🙂

  2. mike42lan

    I agree with that. When I sin now ,I feel guilty like Im sinning against God and I feel guilty,as opposed to the past before I became a Christian I did not care what God though.My soul is still growing in Christ.

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