Bunyan on Prayer

John Bunyan

“You cry out that you are vile, and therefore God will not regard your prayers. It is true, if you delight in your vileness, and come to God out of a mere pretence. But if from a sense of your vileness you pour out your heart to God, desiring to be saved from the guilt, and cleansed from the filth, with all your heart, fear not, your vileness will not cause the Lord to stop his ear from hearing. The value of the blood of Christ which is sprinkled upon the mercy-seat stops the course of justice, and opens a floodgate for the mercy of the Lord to be extended unto you.”

– John Bunyan, from Prayer, p. 56

One thought on “Bunyan on Prayer

  1. calledsoldiers

    YES! You must come with the desire to want to be cleaned up, not the desire to empty your conscious so that you can fill it up again with more filth of sin.

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