The Half of It

As I’ve mentioned before, I think one of the great things about the blogging community is the “trails” you find yourself on. You click on a friend’s blog, which leads to a comment on another blog that you might not have known about. From there, you find an inspiring post or a book or music recommendation. It seems like a community of never-ending branches.

Well, we’re now a little past the halfway point of this year and I thought it would be a good idea to see what others out there have been reading and what you have on your lists for the rest of 2009. If you can, let me know the following:

1) Best book(s) you’ve read the first half of this year ?
2) What book(s) you’re reading now ?
3) What’s on your reading list for the second half of ’09 ?
4) Also, just curious where you are in your Bible reading these days ?

Here’s my list so far….

1) My favorite book of the year’s first half is probably Victorious Christian Living: Studies in the Book of Joshua by Alan Redpath. A very convicting read and the first book I’ve read of his. I then went ahead and bought two more of his books, one on Nehemiah and another on 2nd Corinthians.

2) I’m currently reading The Holy Spirit by John Owen.

3) I’ve read three titles from the Puritan Paperbacks series and have found great help in all of them. So I decided to splurge and bought eleven more of them from WTSBooks. I’m planning on alternating a newer book with a Puritan Paperback as I go along.

Emily over at A Sacrifice of Praise gave a glowing recommendation to Paul Tripp’s A Shelter in the Time of Storm: Meditations on God and Trouble. I’ll probably read that next after I finish the John Owen book.

4) I’m following the Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan this year and am currently in 1 Chronicles, Psalms, Colossians and Luke.

I’d love to hear your lists and recommendations if you have time 🙂


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