From my dear friends and the fine folks at Lemonade International. This is a most worthy cause:

We are three weeks away from the completion of our TEN2END Campaign… and at this point we have 40 people who have signed on to help us in our effort to END poverty, injustice, hopelessness, hunger and despair in La Limonada by taking action and giving TEN dollars a month. Our goal is to have 200 join the campaign by June 30… so as of today we are looking for 160 more.


Your gift of $10 each month is equivalent to one specialty cup of coffee per week… or about four gallons of gas…. or one movie ticket (without enough left over for a small popcorn).

But $10 is also equivalent to what it takes to feed two children at the schools in La Limonada for the entire month.

Would you help us in our work among the children of La Limonada? Here are some ways you can help…

  • Join the TEN2END Campaign if you haven’t already – www.TEN2END.org
  • Pass this email along to your friends
  • Post the following as your Facebook and/or Twitter status: Join TEN2END today and help transform the lives of children in the urban slums of La Limonada in Guatemala City – http://TEN2END.org

Thanks for your love, compassion and support for the people of La Limonada!

– The Lemonade International Team


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