Spurgeon on Covetousness

“It is a degrading, groveling, hardening, deadening sin, which withers everything around it that is lovely and Christlike. He who is covetous is of the race of Judas, and will in all probability turn out to be himself a son of perdition. The crime of covetousness is common, but very few will confess it; for when a man heaps up gold in his heart, the dust of it blows into his eyes, and he cannot see his own fault.”

– Charles H. Spurgeon, from The Golden Alphabet, pp 95-96.


One thought on “Spurgeon on Covetousness

  1. Brendan

    This was right on time with yesterday’s through-the-Bible reading. In meditating on Ephesians 5:5, I remembered seeing this quote in my blog feed earlier that morning, so I came back and looked it up again.

    Covetousness is one of those ‘acceptable sins’ that I tend not to think about as much as other sins like, say, pride and lust. Yesterday’s reading, coupled with Spurgeon’s quote, was a convicting wake-up call from the Spirit. Thank you.

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