Walk The Talk

Last night, I had a long conversation with my dear friend Pastor Bill and we talked for a while about orthodoxy vs. orthopraxy (beliefs vs. behavior). I’ve been reflecting on that and how I feel that my walk doesn’t equal my talk very often. I’ve begun reading through Psalm 119 and right in the first verse of this great psalm, we are commanded to match these two up: “Blessed are those whose way is blameless, who walk in the law of the Lord!” That mismatch in my own life has caused me to be dejected at times. I really can’t pinpoint the one sin or failing in that regard (too many to count maybe ?) but just a general dejectedness. I often wonder why the sanctification process seems so much more like a “slow cooker than a microwave”, as someone once said.

In addition to Pastor Bill’s counsel and encouraging words, I’ve been going over Charles Spurgeon’s commentary on this verse today as well. Spurgeon ties the two things together beautifully, as he usually does.

Here’s Spurgeon:

“True religion is always practical, for it does not permit us to delight ourselves in a perfect rule without exciting in us a longing to be conformed to it in our daily lives. A blessing belongs to those who hear and read and understand the word of the Lord; yet is it a far greater blessing to be actually obedient to it, and to carry out in our walk and conversation what we learn in our searching of the Scriptures. Purity in our way and walk is the truest blessedness.”


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