The Days Are Short

Victorious Christian Living: Studies in the Book of Joshua

“In heaven’s name, I call on you to make your decision quickly, for the days are short. Do not sit under the ministry of the Word and trifle with God and play with New Testament holiness. The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ is not the place for you if you are not in earnest. We have too big a job to do, too big a challenge to face, for too soon the Lord will be here. Remember that Gideon got on better with three hundred men than with thirty thousand men. In Jesus’ name, I call on you, my dear worldly Christian, my dear man who is not right with God, to get to the Cross and get right with God.”

– Alan Redpath, from Victorious Christian Living: Studies in the Book of Joshua, p. 118

One thought on “The Days Are Short

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