Bible Memorization

“When Dawson Trotman, founder of the Christian organization called The Navigators, was converted to faith in 1926, he began memorizing one Bible verse every day. He was driving a truck for a lumber yard in Los Angeles at the time. While driving around town he would work on his verse for that day. During the first three years of his Christian life he memorized his first thousand verses. If he could memorize over three hundred verses a year while driving, surely we can find ways to memorize a few.”

– Donald Whitney, from Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, pp 40-41

4 thoughts on “Bible Memorization

  1. internet elias

    The verses most readily called to memory are the ones I memorized a a child. Many churches in my area have youth Bible Drill Teams but none for the adults.

    My dad went to be with the Lord four years ago. During the four days he was on life support, my neice stood beside him at intervals quoting chapters of memorized scriptures she had learned as a result of his encouragment. It was a beautiful thing to behold.

    Internet Elias (

  2. Breaking Stagnancy

    it is troublesome to think that some value scripture memorization more than understanding the scripture…or even worse, confusing them as one in the same. i can memorize that 3×3=9, but that doesn’t mean i understand multiplication. i have memorized the first lyrics of the “Numa Numa” song from YouTube, but i still have no idea what they mean. understanding the scripture is hiding it in your heart. memorizing the scripture is hiding it in your head.

  3. simplelight

    I’ve always struggled to get beyond a few verses but I started using a website called Memverse ( … it works pretty well for me because I’m often at a PC so I can spend 10 mins per day and I’m up to 95 verses in a few months.

    The cool thing about the website is that it keeps track of when to test you on the verses and you get the more difficult ones more frequently. I’ve found that I’ve been able to retain more of the verses using their method. It’s all through the web and they seem pretty committed to keeping it free.

    I’ve often scoffed at people who think memorizing bible verses is the way to go but after three months I can definitely vouch for the positive effects. How else can you keep the word hidden in your heart 🙂

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