Remember The Days of Old

“Remember the days of old; consider the generations long past. Ask your father and he will tell you, your elders, and they will explain to you.” – Deuteronomy 32:7 (NIV)

I’ve read through the book of Deuteronomy a few times now and always feel a little sad to see Moses exit the stage. I can’t think of another Old Testament figure who had to put up with as much as he did, but he almost always showed great leadership while doing so. It seems like the word used most often in the book of Deuteronomy is the word “remember” and I think it’s something for us to keep in mind today.

Looking at my own prayer life, there can be too much looking forward and not enough looking back – “God, please provide for my wife, my family members, for a new job, healing from sickness, etc.” Of course, I like to think I’m not at all like those ungrateful Israelites in the days of Moses (ha !), but there are times when I don’t look back enough to thank God for what He already has provided. By not reflecting on those times, it can easily lead to worry and lack of faith. It didn’t take long for the Israelites to start complaining after leaving Egypt, and it won’t take us long to do the same if we lose focus on how God has worked wonders for us in the past. Moses’ constant reminders to his fellow Israelites in Deuteronomy to look back and remember has helped me to do the same.

Let’s look back with gratitude today.

“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:19 (ESV)

One thought on “Remember The Days of Old

  1. docdeer

    I happened to read Psalms 77 just before reading your post. There, the psalmist looks back in his despair and reminds himself of all that God has done (77:11-12). We do need to be reminded to remember all the wonderful works of God. Thanks for the word.

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