Today’s Quote – 3/27/09

“A lady went to work at a sewing factory. On her first day on the job the foreman instructed, ‘If the thread gets knotted, call me!’ Sure enough, the thread got knotted. She tried to correct the problem only to make a larger and more difficult knot. Giving up, she called her foreman and said, ‘I did the best I could with this knot.’ ‘No,’ the foreman said, ‘The best you could have done would have been to call me.’

With God, we often try to get ourselves out of the knots of life. The best that we can do is to call on Him. The degree of our dependence upon Him is going to be evident in the frequency of our calling out to Him. We cannot say we depend upon Him unless a regular and consistent part of our life is calling out to Him.”

Pastor Steve Horn, First Baptist Church, Lafayette, Louisiana


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