It’s Never Too Late

“count it all joy”

One of the most amazing things about God’s grace to me is that, as long as you still have life within you, it’s never too late to get right with Him. You can be a king like Manasseh who rules wickedly for 55 years, and then cry out to God in true repentance and be saved. There are many other examples of course. Is there a better example though than the thief on the cross ? I’m currently reading A.W. Pink’s The Seven Sayings of the Saviour on the Cross, and he outlines brilliantly why his last minute conversion was so remarkable, and why it’s never too late to come to Jesus.

Here’s Pink:

“Of the reproaches which were cast on him by the crowd the Lord Jesus took no notice. To the insulting challenge of the priests to descend from the cross, he made no response. But the prayer of this contrite, believing thief arrested his attention. At the time he was grappling with the powers of darkness and sustaining the awful load of his people’s guilt, and we should have thought he might be excused from attending to individual applications. Ah! but a sinner can never come to Christ in an unacceptable time. He gives him an answer of peace and that without delay.”


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