Checking A Box

Over at the Ligonier Ministries blog today, there is an interview with missionary pilot Glenn Grubb about his reading of Ligonier’s monthly magazine Tabletalk. I’ve been a subscriber to Tabletalk myself for a little over a year now and find the monthly articles and devotional sections well worth the price each month. Anyway, in the interview, Mr. Grubb gives an explanation of how he approaches his own daily readings. I think his statement is a good one to keep in mind:

“I don’t read or study just to check off a box. I study towards a real-world standard. What will I do when confronted with this scenario? How can I become practiced in the discipline of responding to what God places in my life in a way that is glorifying to Him?”


4 thoughts on “Checking A Box

  1. Bill Cummings


    Great thought from Glenn. It is so easy for us to read the Bible out of obligation or out of fear for “missing a day” and disappointing God. I think our Scripture reading must produce fruit in us that is lived out in the real world.

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