Without Any Conviction

I’m continuing to read through Tony Evans’ book Our God Is Awesome and came across this exercise that he asks his readers to try. I think it speaks well to some of the things I’ve been struggling with.

Here’s Dr. Evans:

“If you are allowing or practicing something in your life that may not be good by God’s definition of goodness, apply this simple test to it. See if you can pray, ‘God I know this is a gift from You, and You want me to have it because it is good,’ without experiencing any conviction.

If so, you may be on the right track. But if you can’t thank God for it with a clear heart and conscience, it’s best to dump it !”


2 thoughts on “Without Any Conviction

  1. Philippa

    I think that will work most of the time. But I have heard of a few cases where it doesn’t. I’m thinking specifically of a friend of a friend of a friend whose husband has left her for another woman, because “God wants me to be happy, and He intended for this woman to be The One for me.”

    I would say a juicy rationalization can overcome our consciences and make our hearts calloused so we misinterpret God’s desire for us with what our own desire for us.

  2. Joe

    Philippa – Good point. You know, I hadn’t thought of it from that angle and was instead looking at it in the negative sense. “God I know my *impatience* is a gift from you” and wondering whether I should try to hold on to it because I’m prideful 🙂

    I looked at the quote as referring to a type of behavior I need to eliminate, rather than trying to get something that is outside of God’s will, like the episode you referred to.

    Thanks as always for visiting. God bless !

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