Bible Reading 2009


The Daily Verse Online is beginning their own “read through the Bible in a year” program in 2009, which follows the Discipleship Journal Reading Plan. Each day you read from the Law/Prophets, Wisdom Literature/Poetry, Gospels, and Epistles. The plan takes 25 days a month, which allows for a few days of catchup time if you miss a day or two. For example, today’s reading is Matthew 1:1-17, Acts 1:1-11, Psalm 1 and Genesis 1-2.

I like the sound of this plan, as I had been reading the Bible straight through or chronologically, and it would take me a long time to get to the New Testament. With this plan, you’re reading from both the OT and NT every day.

Check it out !


2 thoughts on “Bible Reading 2009

  1. micey

    hahaha… we seem to think alike, you and I. I just started the ESV study Bible reading plan which is as follows :


    ESV Study Bible (ESV Literary Study Bible contains the same plan)

    With this plan there are four readings each day, divided into four main sections:

    * Psalms and Wisdom Literature;
    * Pentateuch and the History of Israel;
    * Chronicles and Prophets; and
    * Gospels and Epistles.

    The introduction explains:

    In order to make the readings come out evenly, four major books of the Bible are included twice in the schedule: the Psalms (the Bible’s hymnal), Isaiah (the grandest of the OT prophets), Luke (one of the four biblical Gospels), and Romans (the heart of the Bible’s theology of salvation).

    The list of readings from the Psalms and the Wisdom Literature begins and ends with special readings that are especially appropriate for the opening and closing of the year. The list of readings from the Pentateuch and the History of Israel proceeds canonically through the five books of Moses and then chronologically through the history of the OT, before closing the year with the sufferings of Job. The list of readings from the Chronicles and the Prophets begins with the Chronicler’s history of the people of God from Adam through the exile, followed by the Major and Minor Prophets, which are organized chronologically rather than canonically.

    I plan to print out this PDF, which is designed to be cut into four bookmarks that can be placed at the appropriate place in your Bible reading.

  2. fireball3316

    it is fun to read other peoples thoughts in the Word when reading similiar plans. i was just reading in your stuff above in psalms and agreeing with what you had written, having just read those passages myself in the last few days! look forward to reading more :o) blessings, claire

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