Wise Words for the New Year

A while back I mentioned a book I had been reading on Acts by R. Kent Hughes called Acts: The Church Afire. In it, Dr. Hughes told the story of a young Russian girl named Aida Skripnikova. Back in the early 1960s, Skripnikova was new in Christ and immediately after her conversion looked for ways to share her faith. She bought some postcards and then wrote a poem on the back of each of them. She then took the postcards and went down to a busy area in Leningrad and began to hand them out. She was subsequently arrested for this and exiled from Leningrad in 1962. Two more times in the 1960s she was arrested for her faith, and both times was sent to a labor camp. You can read more about her here.

Her poem is as relevant for us today as it was then. Here it is:

‘Happy New Year! 1962.’

Our years fly past

One after another, unnoticed.

Grief and sadness disappear,

They are carried away by life.

This world, the earth, is so transient

Everything in it comes to an end.

Life is important.

Don’t be happy-go-lucky!

What answer will you give your creator?

What awaits you, my friend, beyond the grave?

Answer this question while light remains.

Perhaps tomorrow, before God,

You will appear to give an answer for everything.

Think deeply about this,

For you are not on this earth forever.

Perhaps tomorrow, you will break

Forever your links with this world!


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