To The Mountain

“In these days he went out to the mountain to pray, and all night he continued in prayer to God.” – Luke 6:12 (ESV)


There’s no shortage of people on my prayer list these days. Brothers and sisters in the church and out here in the blogosphere are some. Family and friends of course are others. About half of my co-workers unfortunately were laid off on Friday, as our company was sold a few months ago. Our pastor is leaving and heading off to another church in Illinois, and our former assistant pastor is beginning a new chapter in ministry as well. There are so many more.

I find lately though that my prayer list seems just like that….a list. I struggle so much with confidence and boldness in prayer that my list doesn’t get the treatment I feel they deserve. Why is that ?

What’s especially frustrating about that is there are no shortage of examples of prayer in our Bibles. We have 150 Psalms. Moses, Nehemiah, Ezra and Joshua are just a few other models. But most importantly, we have the best example from our Lord and Savior.

Jesus provides a shining example for us in the verse above – “…all night he continued in prayer to God.” Now I could spend all night reading my Bible. But all night in prayer ? Wow that’s tough.

I don’t know why this has been such an ongoing struggle for me. But I need to keep returning to these prayers from the Gospels and Psalms for instruction. What chance do I have in these uncertain times without spending a good deal of them in prayer ? Jesus himself prayed all night to God…enough said.

What ways would you suggest to be more bold in prayer ? How do you do it ?


3 thoughts on “To The Mountain

  1. timbob

    Good evening. I just found your blog. When we begin to contemplate the volume of needs; even in our own corner, it’s almost overwhelming. My prayer list is colossal and s such usually resort to “upon every remembrance” when a name is dropped into my spirit.

    It makes all the more real what Jesus meant when he said “the harvest is great but the laborers are few.” Thanks for sharing your thoughts on a topic that affects us all.

    Have a blessed evening in Jesus.


  2. amy letinsky

    Like the new blog!

    This is something I struggle with too. I have my lists as well, and while they keep me praying for the people I love, they often kind of seem like check lists and don’t exactly get the sort of passion I’d like to give them.

    Last summer, I started practicing praying through scripture, which was a new thing to me, and it has given me some new boldness. The Psalms are great for this. Just read a Psalm, then turn it back to God while reading it as a prayer. So, when David says in Psalm 6 “O Lord, do not rebuke me in your anger or discipline me in your wrath,” you can pray “God, if you choose to discipline me, I accept it, but please, don’t be harsh with me in anger. Be loving and gentle. Give me strength to accept your discipline.”

  3. Joe

    timbob – thanks for visiting and please come back again soon !

    amy – I love your idea of praying through Scripture and have begun doing that of late (Psalm 25 last night). Many of the heroes of the faith have prayers of their own that are worth praying aloud – John Calvin’s evening prayer is one.

    Thanks as always for visiting and for sharing this 🙂

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