Luke 5

“And when they had brought their boats to land, they left everything and followed him.” – Luke 5:11 (ESV)


I’m reading through the gospel of Luke this month, one chapter a day. I read Luke 5 this morning and stopped for a bit at the above verse. In this passage, Peter has been fishing all night and has not caught anything in his net. Jesus appears and tells Peter to put his net down into the water again. This time, the nets fill up, so much so that they needed help to bring the nets in, since they were so heavy. When the boats returned to shore, they left their boats, nets, and everything else behind and followed Jesus.

Many times we ask God to “fill up our nets” – with good health, a promotion, other worldly things. But after we receive these things, we sometimes return to our old way of doing things. God “fixes” our problem, then we go back to our same old ways. In Peter’s case, he saw that his old way was leaving his net empty. That realization allowed him to leave his old ways behind and follow Jesus. His trust turned from his own ways to God’s way.

Let us pray for the same today.


3 thoughts on “Luke 5

  1. fireball3316

    hey – welcome back to the blogging world! you’ll notice i have a wordpress one too – it started as testing wordpress how to do it for LWC but i like it – is just really mostly a repeat of my LWC One Passion one :o) but handy for commenting on wordpress folk like yourself!

    again – lovely to see you again!

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