Bitesize Theology

The grace of God is the most thrilling concept that can occupy the mind of a Christian, and when it occupies the mind, it will soon flood the heart with praise to God that such a thing exists.” – Peter Jeffery

Last week I finished reading Peter Jeffery’s short book called Bitesize Theology. The book weighs in at just under 100 pages and contains 20 brief chapters that describe some of the major terms that we all should know as Christians. There are chapters on justification, redemption, reconciliation, election, and many others. But although the chapters are short, there’s no fluff in them. Jeffery crams so much in that the chapters need to be taken in slowly. At 100 pages, it’s short enough to be read in one sitting, but I wouldn’t suggest it, considering the subject matter he covers in each. Jeffery gives plenty of Scripture references, and what I liked most is that he explains each concept in simple yet meaningful terms. He provides questions at the end of each chapter to think over also.

One of the main things that C.J. Mahaney stresses in his book Living The Cross Centered Life is how we should preach the gospel to ourselves each day. This is something that I want to strive for, and that’s one of the reasons why I enjoyed Jeffery’s book so much. By continually going over these concepts, we can keep filling our hearts and minds with what Jesus did for us on the cross. Jeffery’s book keeps us focused there.

The quote above is from the chapter on grace and is probably my favorite one from the book. It’s also a good one for us to think about today and every day 🙂

You can find this book for cheap on Amazon. Well worth it !

5 thoughts on “Bitesize Theology

  1. ~M

    Great book!

    I also HIGHLY recommend Wayne Grudem’s Bible Doctrine.

    It is a shorter (and “easier”) book then Systematic Theology. Easier is a relative term.

    Helpful reference book.

  2. Joe


    Thanks for the book suggestions. I’ll look out for Bible Doctrine on Amazon. I’ve been checking on Systematic Theology but it’s still a little pricey for me 😦

  3. Rambling Rose

    “we should preach the gospel to ourselves each day”
    So true! It’s sad how easy it is to take it- God’s grace, our salvation, all that Jesus did -for granted once the newness wears off. I love this suggestion to preach the gospel to ourselves every day!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, and for adding me to your blogroll!


  4. micey

    wow! I love that! preach the gospel to ourselves everyday! 🙂 Gonna try that for sure and I’m also going to look for those 2 books, thanks!

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