Listen Up

I barely use my cell phone and have no use for a Blackberry, but one bit of technology that I don’t think I could do without now is my mp3 player. I started with an iPod Shuffle and just recently picked up a Sansa 4 GB Clip. Because my commute is so unpredictable and sometimes takes an hour or more, I try to spend that time productively whenever possible. What better way than by listening to the Word of God ?

On any given day, the podcasts I’ll be listening to usually include John Piper, John MacArthur, James Merritt, Ravi Zacharias, Greg Laurie, and Back To The Bible. I also like Brian Hardin’s readings of the Bible at Recently I’ve picked up a couple of audio Bibles from Amazon and – a dramatized NIV version and a straight reading of the ESV by Stephen Johnston. I’ve found that it can really help to listen to the Bible at times, especially if you’ve just recently read a specific book or passage.

Today I found another good site, that’s kind of a one-stop shopping for all of these podcasts. It’s called Faith by Hearing ( The site is organized by Bible book, doctrine, history, and by person, so you can click on J.I. Packer for example, and link to mp3 downloads of his sermons.

Some of you folks may already have heard of this site, but if not, check it out and start filling up your iPod 🙂

3 thoughts on “Listen Up

  1. mybloggerings

    My ipod broke. Sad day 😦

    Someday soon I hope to get one. I love listening to music and sermons while I run. It keeps me going and is way less borning that just staring at cars passing by..LOL

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