Paying Attention

Whoever ignores instruction despises himself, but he who listens to reproof gains intelligence.” – Proverbs 15:32 (ESV)

Dr. Albert Mohler had a very interesting post on his blog yesterday called The Challenge of Attention in the Digital Age. In it, he cited a recent article about a Columbia grad who returns to campus and sits in on a lecture. The grad took note of how many students had their laptops open and were using them for instant messaging, online shopping, and other non-school related surfing. The grad then wrote a letter to these students and lamented how shallow their educations had become, and how much they were missing out on.

Dr. Mohler always has a great feel for how culture and Christianity intersect these days and this particular post gives us all a lot to think about. I especially liked this quote from him:

“Join the revolution and refuse the seductions of the mind-numbing allure of all things digital — at least long enough to think a great thought, hear a great lecture, enjoy a quality conversation (with a real, live face-to-face human being), listen to a great sermon, visit a museum, read a good book, or take in a beautiful sunset.”

I listened to Proverbs 15 on the way in to work today and have been thinking about Dr. Mohler’s commentary. This is an important article from him. While I don’t have a Blackberry and barely use my cell phone, I can unfortunately see some of myself in Dr. Mohler’s words. You can read his entire post here.

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