What Are You Up To ?

One of the great things about the blogging community is the “trails” you find yourself on. You click on a friend’s blog, which leads to a comment on another blog that you might not have known about. From there, you find an inspiring post or a book or music recommendation. It seems like a community of never-ending branches.

I thought it would be nice to hear from some folks and see what you’re up to these days. Where are you in your Bible study ? What other books are you reading ? What music is in your iPod or CD player ?

This is my current list. Please share yours if you can 🙂


1) Bible study – This week I started the book of Isaiah. I’m also still in 2nd Chronicles, as the reading plan I’m on goes in and out of these two books for a while.

2) Books I’m reading – I hope to finish John Calvin’s Golden Booklet of the True Christian Life soon. I’m also reading a commentary on the first 12 chapters of Isaiah. It’s called God of Grace, God of Glory by Fred M. Wood. I found it at a booksale last month for 25 cents.

3) Music – I recently downloaded a great album from iTunes. It’s a collection of hymns by Chris Rice called Peace Like A River: The Hymns Project. I’ve also been listening to Norah Jones a lot these days.

Anyway, I’d love to hear what you’re up to. Have a great weekend !


7 thoughts on “What Are You Up To ?

  1. amyletinsky

    Great idea!

    1. Bible study- I’m in Exodus, Ecclesiastes, and of course, James. I’m trying one OT, one wisdom, and my NT memorization one at a snail’s pace. Still haven’t finished memorizing the first chapter. Trying.

    2. Books I’m Reading: At this exact moment, I have 3 sitting on the table with me. The Christian Writers’ Market Guide by Sally Stuart. The 2008 Writer’s Market, and Get a Freelance Life by Mediabistro. You can guess that I’m trying to get some writing done. Um, in the fiction world, I’m reading Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison and The Memory Keeper’s Daughter. You know me, there’s always more, so if you want, check out my Shelfari list http://www.shelfari.com/o1517092295/lists/nowreading to see those.

    3. Music- David Cook baby! hehe. Yes, vote Cook on Tuesday! Right now, I’m listening to Chopin, my favorite collection, while I work…er..procrastinate.

  2. Marcy

    I found you through Tag Surfer…

    1. I have been reading Luke sporadically since September or so.

    2. I’m also reading NT Wright’s The NT and the People of God.

    3. In the CD player is Really Rosie by Carole King — kids’ music. In the car are two of my own CDs.

  3. micey

    1.Bible – 1 Samuel, psalm 119, Galations. It is a one year plan.

    2.Books – I just finished reading “The One Factor” by Doug Sauder, a pastor at my church. I’m also reading “The Screwtape Letters” by C.S.Lewis.

    3.Music – I have almost 800 Christian songs on my IPOD and I have my IPOD on shuffle. I Love all the artists from Delirious? and Newsboys to Aaron Shust and Matt Redman, to name a few.

  4. Bill Cummings

    Hey J-

    Bible – Like Marcy I’ve been jumping around Luke lately

    Books – Finding Our Way Again by Brian McLaren

    Music – The “Once” Soundtrack from The Swell Season (Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova), The Frames (Hansard’s band), and the debut Jars Of Clay album (from back in the day)

    Thanks for the heads-up on the Chris Rice Hymns album. I love the old hymns! And Norah Jones… one of my favorite! I still need to buy her new album.

  5. ~M

    Bible: 2 Chronicles, Zephaniah, and John

    Book: Finishing up Mere Christianity (CS Lewis), Jonathan Edwards: A Life (Marsden).

    Music: I’m pathetic. I rarely listen to music. Not proud of it, but it is the truth. You can find some online courses from Reformed Theological Seminary going on my ipod right now.

  6. Anna

    Hi Joe! These little questionnaires are fun.

    1) Bible study – I’m reading Psalms and 2 Corinthians. Great stuff.

    2) Books – I’m reading The Thrill of the Chaste by Dawn Eden.

    3) Music – I’ve been listening to Sixpence None the Richer again lately.


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