Around The Horn – February 2008

I have quite a few blogs in my RSS reader that I like to follow. Some are just news or sports sites, others are for school. But here are some of those that I look to first, ones that I get excited about when the RSS reader lets me know they’ve written something new. I’ve mentioned some of them before, but it’s time to give them all another tip of the cap.

1) Beyond Words – Kathy has been writing about “How the Church is Training Consumers instead of Disciples.” Unfortunately, I see some of that in myself as I’m still on my own search to find a church home. Check out her post on it here.

2) Thoughts and Confessions of A Girl who Loves Jesus – Micey has been writing about her life story and what finally brought her to Christ a couple of years ago. Set aside some time to read through it…remarkable story !

3) Awaken Me – Chris discusses why church is not just a physical place – “What I don’t understand is when you fully believe church is the physical place and have almost no connection with anyone there.” Read more of Chris’ recent post on this here.

4) I’m a Teacup, NOT a Sledgehammer – My friend Michele gives a wonderful example of God’s faithfulness. You can read it here and then stay and check out the rest of her site for more great resources.

5) Amy Letinsky – One of my favorite bloggers, Amy hilariously describes her attempts to get more info for her upcoming vacation. Read all about “Dear Quambolo” here.

Have a great weekend 🙂

2 thoughts on “Around The Horn – February 2008

  1. amyletinsky

    Thanks for the plug! I’m back from my trip now, and I actually got to meet Quambolo in person! I’ve been toying with the idea of sending him the blog post, but I don’t know if I should. It might help explain the crazy lady a little more. Then again, maybe not!

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