Sovereignty and Providence

Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high; I cannot attain it.” – Psalm 139:6 (ESV)

The last couple of weeks I’ve been reading Theology For Non-Theologians by James Cantelon, one of the books on my New Year’s reading list. Well worth reading so far. I’m just about at the end, with a couple of chapters to go. One reason I picked up this book is that I wanted to find some (relatively) simple explanations of some of the big theological terms, like predestination, election, sovereignty, and providence, which have all been difficult for me to understand as a new Christian.

For example, here’s how Cantelon describes sovereignty and providence:

“Sovereignty means God is all-powerful and does as he pleases. Providence means he is also ‘small-powerful’ and lovingly does what is best for the world and its inhabitants. The content: God is King. The style: God is Father.” (p. 126)

What do you think of that statement ? Do you agree with it ? My take on it from that statement is that providence is God’s work in our lives short-term, while sovereignty covers what He does in our lives long-term. Still not sure that I understand it though.

What do these terms mean to you ?


One thought on “Sovereignty and Providence

  1. micey

    to me God’s sovereignty means He is in control of everything. If i get a flat tire, God knows and allows that event. Whatever happens in my life, good or bad, God controls and has determined. I have a boat load of tattoos, God wrote my life so He knew I would have them.

    not sure about providence… will have to get back to you on that one. 🙂

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