Brand New Day

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here !” – 2 Corinthians 5:17 (TNIV)

I’ll ask you to forgive me upfront for this post, as it might be a little disjointed, but I hope you’ll stick with me anyway 🙂

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a Bible study class and the topic for that week was “witnessing”. Several of the group members were discussing what that has been like for them in various situations, presenting the Gospel to others, and they gave some examples of the types of objections they’d received. One objection, which they said they don’t hear all that often, was, “Well, I would like to become a Christian, but, you know, just not right now. Maybe someday…” I heard that and got a strange feeling inside me. It didn’t take long to figure out why. Because not so long ago, the person they were talking about was me.

A few years ago, someone I knew suggested to me repeatedly that I should seek out a church and a faith community. I remember telling her, “I’m just not ready yet.” I couldn’t give her a real reason why, but that was my answer anyway. And I thought about that last week while I was listening to a sermon from Greg Laurie. He said he hears objections from people he’s witnessed to that, “You know Greg, I’m just not the religious type.”

“Good !” said Pastor Greg. “God is looking for the sinner type.”

I’ve also had good friends of mine who over the years have gently guided me towards God, and who I’ve probably said the same thing to…. “you’re probably right, maybe someday”. Fortunately for me, those friends stuck with me all those years, and are people who I look up to and are a great inspiration to me (thank you Trey and Pastor Bill !)…

Then earlier this year, I was handed a very special gift. My wife and I were meeting with a wonderful priest who was counseling us before our wedding. He asked us to consider the readings we’d like for our ceremony and to help us do that, he handed us a Bible. I have to admit, I didn’t do much with it for the first couple of months after that. But then one day, I started to scan through it. And then I started to read it….really read it, starting with Genesis and continuing all the way up to Malachi (as of yesterday). What a joy and fullness it has brought to my life. Unfortunately, Father Rich could not make it to our ceremony, but he was in our hearts that day and I will be forever grateful to him.

I’ve thought many times over the last several years that I wanted a closer relationship with God. What brought me to Him now ? I think it took all of these factors working together at once, along with the enormous role that God has placed in front of me now as a husband, to get to this point. I’ve finished reading the Old Testament for right now, but I feel like the journey is just beginning again. Now for the first time, I’ll be reading the New Testament and getting to know Jesus – His life, His words, His teachings…His love. I cannot describe what that feels like and can’t wait to get started….

I heard a song on XM radio last week while driving home that has really stuck with me. I downloaded it and have listened to it a few times since then. It’s called “My Home” by a group named Heirline. I think it describes how I’m feeling now better than I can….

I look forward to continuing the journey with all of you. God bless !

“It’s a long and dusty road
That my feet they are traveling on
And sometimes, oh the clouds are dark and low

Oh but I’ve got, I’ve got to keep the faith
And walk the straight and the narrow way
To reach that place that I will call my home

For my home is just around the bend
I think about it, now and then
Reunions by the millions everywhere.

But the One that I so long to see
Is the One who bled and died for me
My home, my home, a place I long to be…”


One thought on “Brand New Day

  1. Bill Cummings


    It really encouraged me to read this post! It is amazing to look back on the journey of our lives… and to see where God has brought us to. I am so grateful for the inspiration that your new journey has been to me. May the life and teaching of Jesus give you great hope and faith in the coming weeks… and may He fill your heart with the kind of love that he came to show!!

    Enjoy the “new” side of this journey you are on…


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