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A little over a month ago, I wrote about a book called “Love That Lasts: When Marriage Meets Grace”. I found out about this book through Michelle and her blog over at I’m A Teacup, NOT A Sledgehammer. That was right around the time of Blog Day 2007, where bloggers write about five others that are worth checking out. I planned on writing about some other blogs in addition to Michelle’s then, but as usual, I’m a little late. But I guess better late than never, so here’s a short list of some of my favorites. I hope that you’ll visit these when you have some free time.

1) Amy Letinsky – Amy describes her blog as “Writing in the Margins of My Books, My Bible, & My Life”. I think Amy is one of the best writers in the entire blogosphere, period. And here is a great example of Amy’s writing, possibly the best post I’ve read all year.

2 and 3) From My Bible and One Passion…One Devotion… – Claire from New Zealand is the author of these two blogs. In “From My Bible”, Claire selects a few verses of Scripture and then writes a short commentary on it. She seems to alternate between the Old and New Testament, which is nice. It’s like an online study bible. In “One Passion…”, Claire writes about different issues in Christianity, as well as some Christian artists and songs. Check them both out !

4) Beyond Words – this is a new find for me, written by Kathy Hanson. Lots of thought-provoking stuff here, including her recent post about “Unplugging Jesus”. Don’t miss this…

5) MERGE – Described as “Integrating All of Life”, this one is written by my great friend Bill Cummings. Pastor Bill discusses many topics of interest, including the recent “God’s Warriors” special on CNN, and other events happening in his daily life. He’s also the pastor of a new church he’s planted in Raleigh, NC. My only complaint is that he doesn’t blog more.

And if you have some others that are on your own favorites list, please send them this way. Happy blog surfing everyone 🙂


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