False Idols

“Do not make idols or set up statues, stone pillars, or carved stones to worship. I am the LORD your God.” – Leviticus 26:1 (GNT)

Last month I was down in Washington, D.C. for a conference and was reading Leviticus in my hotel room one night. After I finished reading, I turned on the TV and saw quite a scene. A certain celebrity had just been released from jail and there was a frenzy on the screen. Reporters scrambling to get near the celebrity, cameramen jockeying for position, photographers snapping away, fans falling down to get a glimpse. I just watched and shook my head and thought how terribly misguided it all was. And for what ?

Many of the kings in Kings 1 & 2 of the Old Testament were also terribly misguided. Putting David and Solomon aside for a moment, with the notable exceptions of Jehoshaphat, Hezekiah, and Josiah, the majority of kings during this time period condoned pagan places of worship and false idols and basically led their people downward into sin. And over and over again, their actions had grave consequences.

I’m not sure how well I’ve put together this analogy, but I’ve been thinking of this comparison a lot over the last month or so. The Bible gives many examples of how difficult life can be when you make someone, or something, other than God your top priority. I firmly believe that the time spent following, or worshipping, these celebrities and other false idols needs to be channeled elsewhere. And it needs to start first with God.

In my case, I just turned off the TV and went back to reading my Bible.


2 thoughts on “False Idols

  1. Amy Letinsky

    Great connection between the Bible and current events. It’s easy to think about an idol as some kind of golden statue that people made thousands of years ago, but in reality, they surround us everywhere today.

    My pastor tells a great story of going to India and seeing all sorts of shrines with idols everywhere. He encountered an Indian believer there who complained that she never wanted to move to the US because we have so many idols over here.

    We just don’t often think of them that way.

  2. Bill Cummings


    Thanks for the reminder of how our culture is so prone to “idol” worship. Even though I would like to think that isn’t the case with me, I know it is easy to fall into the trap. I added a link to Good News on the Merge Blog…

    Talk to you soon!


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