Looking In The Mirror

“Then Nathan said to David, ‘You are that man!’ “ – 2 Samuel 12:7 (NLT)

I was watching a sermon by Dr. James Merritt on TV a few Sundays ago, in a series about King David. He was discussing the parable that the prophet Nathan told King David about the rich man and poor man. Although the rich man had many cattle and sheep, he didn’t want to kill one of his own animals to fix a meal, so instead he took the lone lamb that the poor man owned. God had given many things to David (including many wives), but yet David wasn’t satisified. He desired Bathsheba, the wife of another man – Uriah the Hittite – and David essentially had Uriah killed so he could be with Bathsheba.

When Nathan finished his parable, David became angry and condemned the rich man. And Nathan essentially pointed David towards the mirror and exclaimed “You are that man !

I wonder how many of us are like David, who can easily see the faults in others but have trouble seeing the sin in our own lives. For example, there are many times where I’ll get frustrated with people who are impatient or moody – in the supermarket, at the office, etc. – yet sometimes find myself acting the same way towards my wife for no apparent reason. Nathan’s parable is a great reminder to me that sometimes, I am that man.


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