One Year Bible Reading Plan

Back in June, I began reading the Bible with Genesis and have continued on through the Old Testament in order. I would like to complete the entire Bible in one year, not so much as a goal, but to keep me consistent in reading and understanding the Word of God each day. I’m interested in how the Scriptures speak to my everyday life, and applying them, particularly as a new husband.

Is there anyone out there who has undertaken a similar reading plan ? I would love to discuss what I’m reading with any or all of you as we go along in this journey. I’m reading the Good News Translation, but have purchased a couple of study bibles in the NIV to help with background as I go along.

I’m currently up to 1 Samuel, but came across this verse in James that I thought was particularly appropriate…

Do not deceive yourselves by just listening to his word; instead, put it into practice.” – James 1:22 (GNT)

6 thoughts on “One Year Bible Reading Plan

  1. Joe

    Hi Michele,

    Thank you for your suggestions and for visiting my blog. I enjoy your blog and look forward to your next posting !

  2. amyletinsky

    My husband taught me a nice reading plan. He always tries to read in a book of the old testament and in a book of the new testament at the same time. I like how this keeps you rooted in both parts of scripture. I’ve found that reading one chapter of the new testament book and 2 chapters of the old testament book pretty much keeps you on track for getting through it in one year.

  3. couragetotremble

    Glad to see your blog. I was really impressed when I read that you were a new Christian.
    Two weeks ago, I started reading the Bible from the beginning again and this time I want to do it really fast just to get a fuller picture. It is not always good to go so fast, but I thought I would do it just this once. May God bless you.

  4. Carol

    Friends, I am looking for a bible reading plan that began with a Genesis reading, one Psalm/day and a portion of the Gospel of Luke in January 2008.
    Cannot find it again and need February’s schedule – thanks so much for your help.

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